Renovations & Repairs

Has your swimming pool lost its sparkle?

If your existing swimming pool or spa is rundown or damaged, with unsightly cracks, chips or broken equipment, a renovation or repair will likely be the most cost effective option.

But it’s important that you don’t put it off for another Summer. Not only can damage, wear and tear detract from the look of your pool area, it can pose a safety risk to swimmers, so it’s a good idea to speak to us, as a licensed pool builder, to arrange the renovation or repairs as soon as possible.

Old pools that have deteriorated with age, can usually be restored back to their former glory. We can renovate your pool coping as well as upgrade tiled or pebblecrete surfaces to have your pool looking like new and ready for Summer.

A repair service for worn pool equipment, such as pumps, filters and chlorinators, is also available. We will assess the damage, then prepare a quote for the required repair or replacement.

To get your old pool looking like new, phone Adept Pools today on (02) 4915 8666, or submit the form above, to request a FREE consultation and quote.