Self Cleaning Systems

Clean over 99% of your pool,
without lifting a finger

PWP_LDA_LOGOS_FA_CycleanAdept Pools is a licensed distributor and installer for Paramount pool and spa systems. Paramount products are designed to increase your leisure time and reduce hours spent on pool maintenance, by keeping your pool and water in top condition.

Two of the most popular Paramount products are Cyclean and SwingSweep.

Paramount’s In-Floor Cleaning System, Cyclean, is the ultimate in automatic pool cleaning technology. Cyclean enables you to enjoy a sparkling clean pool without lifting a finger (and without bulky, unsightly vacuum hoses floating around the pool).

Your Cyclean system will be custom-designed for your individual pool’s shape. Cyclean is engineered to clean your entire pool, including floors, steps, benches and spas, through a series of retractable pop-up nozzles installed in the pool floor. The nozzles sweep debris to the main drain and skimmer area, where it is extracted from the pool.

Cyclean is so effective that it cleans more than 99% of your entire pool. What’s more, it is guaranteed to significantly reduce your pool heating and chemical costs (by circulating water so effectively around the pool).

When not operating, Cyclean retracts into the pool floor. No routine maintenance is required, and Paramount offers a limited lifetime warranty on nozzles.

For more information about Cyclean, SwingSweep, or other systems to make owning a pool easier, phone us now on (02) 4915 8666.



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