New Pool Construction

Your vision is our inspiration

Installing a swimming pool is a very exciting time. It’s an investment in your home and lifestyle… so it’s important to get it right.
The Adept Pools team is here to help you do just that, working to create a swimming pool ‘masterpiece’ that will exceed your expectations – transforming your home and lifestyle.

Pool Design

While many other pool suppliers provide “off the shelf” pools or pool designs, we believe that this just can’t cut it. Great design (customised for each client) is the cornerstone of a truly great pool, which you will continue to love, year after year.
We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the entire design and construction process.
The Adept pool design process has 4 steps:
  1. Surveying the area, and consulting with you to determine your vision and requirements,
  2. Giving you recommendations about the layout, shape, materials, colours, finishes and features that would suit your home and lifestyle,
  3. Using cutting edge computer software to generate a true-to-life 3D drawing for you (so you can be confident that
    you’re getting the pool you envision),
  4. Refining the design with you until you are completely happy, and ready for us to start digging!
We construct premium pools from scratch, using custom-poured concrete (as opposed to moulded fibreglass or other
lightweight alternatives).

Why concrete?

Concrete pools provide much more flexibility in terms of size and shape. They also have a more natural look and feel, and last longer.

Pool Finishes

The most popular pool finishes include:

  • Pebble crete
  • Glass jewel (a surface layer of small, glistening glass pebbles)
  • Tiles/mosaics (for a truly impressive, high-end look)

Tiled pools & features… our specialty

A tile finish has many benefits, including:
  • Easy to clean
  • Added durability and longevity
  • Avoids the ‘dried out’ look that rendered finishes are prone to developing
  • Much ‘richer’ colour options
  • Glass or ceramic tiles have a smooth feel, which is very pleasant underfoot (no nasty pool scrapes or scratches)

Pool tiling products

A huge variety of tile and stonework options for your pool and surrounds are available through Adept Pools, including glass and ceramic pool tiles, and tiles and pavers for pool coping and surrounds.
We use high-quality Laticrete mortars, grouts, waterproof membranes and sealants in all our pools.
Laticrete installation products are designed specifically to prevent leaks in tile and stone wet areas. They feature a mould-reducing ‘MicroBan’ element to help protect tiles and stonework, and are fully backed by warranty. Laticrete’s range of products includes a stainless grout that never needs sealing.

Your perfect pool…

Whether you’re after a modern, classic or cutting-edge pool design, the Adept Pools team will design and build the perfect pool for your home and lifestyle. Our qualified and experienced trade team is licensed in all facets of concrete pool building, and are ready to make your dream pool a reality.

Ready to dive in? Phone Adept Pools today on
(02) 4915 8666, or submit the form above, to request a FREE consultation and quote.

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